Perspective either forwards or backwards. Either sung to me, or by me, or by my mother, or for my mother. Putting pain in it's context.

Cristian was the one who got me to see this, not as a too-long folk song, but as a driving rock piece. Adding Savannah's devastatingly beautiful violin, it heals my heart to sing it every time.

This song will be on the upcoming/in-process album to be released in late Spring 2011.


I saw you in the yard
With the scissors at your arm
And I know it must be hard
Not knowing where it comes from
Not knowing why it hurts
Why you cry all the time

You are from me, you are mine
So maybe I should tell you
About the time that came before you
The women in your line
You carry their pain
You carry mine

You come from Ireland
Where the grass grows green and thick
Where women make a life
Of growing old inside their hunger
Being told to ignore
The loss of all that's torn asunder

Our people starved and struggled
We lost our language and our land
And though we crossed the wide Atlantic
The demons of our lost ways
Hitched a ride
Turned the tide
To drown our sorrows even deeper

And all your mothers, all of us
We faced a living death
Our babies were gone
A pain so deep it makes it hard to breath
To keep pushing on, and they said
"Come now, the past is gone"

These pains are yours as well
These pains are yours as well
You will carry them forward
I see it now
I see you suffering from a pain
You can't explain

But I see other things too
I see you carrying music in the spirit of them all
I see your love of language
I see how words are your wide thighs
How they hold up your house

You have so many questions
You'll know so much more than I
And though I cannot tell you everything
I can say, I know, in time
All of this will be okay

I can say, I know, in time
All of this will be okay

(c) annie bacon


from Live at the Red Devil Lounge, released February 1, 2011
Annie Bacon, vocals, guitar
James Nash, lead guitar
Savannah Jo Lack, violin
Cristian Hernandez, bass
Arthur McConnell, drums

Recorded Live at the Red Devil Lounge
December 23rd, 2010 in San Francisco, California

Mixed & Mastered by Cristian Hernandez
At The Tower Studios




annie bacon & her OSHEN Ann Arbor, Michigan

Annie Bacon is a songwriter musician in Michigan. She aches for a more empathic humanity + her creativity orbits around this. She also composed a Folk Opera.

More at www.anniebacon.me

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