A pounding corps of drummers

from Live at the Red Devil Lounge by annie bacon & her OSHEN



This one will appear on our upcoming/in-process album to be released in late Spring 2011.


His silence is a pounding corps of drummers
That follows me
I duck into the shade of a cottonwood tree
Whose leathery leaves are slapping in the wind
And I almost forget those other spaces
And empty places
Til like dusk, or dark, rainclouds,
His silence darkens
And then the pounding begins again

I find my solace alone, in my bed
Around my head I position four pillows
But my head rests only against the mattress
Or on the crook of my arm
That way I'll never lay accidentally
Across even a rivulet of his fragrance
Or even one eyelash

He finds his solace against my sobbing
Between a woman's hair and neck
He buries himself in her hands
So he cannot see me
Cowering beneath the goose down

He's never coming back to me
And if he did I'd turn the drummers back on him
And walk away

(c) annie bacon


from Live at the Red Devil Lounge, released February 1, 2011
Annie Bacon, vocals, guitar
James Nash, lead guitar
Savannah Jo Lack, violin
Cristian Hernandez, bass
Arthur McConnell, drums

Recorded Live at the Red Devil Lounge
December 23rd, 2010 in San Francisco, California

Mixed & Mastered by Cristian Hernandez
At The Tower Studios




annie bacon & her OSHEN Ann Arbor, Michigan

Annie Bacon is a songwriter musician in Michigan. She aches for a more empathic humanity + her creativity orbits around this. She also composed a Folk Opera.

More at www.anniebacon.me

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